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Seconds from Revenge

Set three years after the harrowing events took place, Seconds from Revenge situates the present life of Dr. Norris, who is now the head of the Cardiology Department at Newton Memorial Hospital, Evansville, Indiana. His family and the hospital are now at peace; however, it wasn’t too long ago when their small city and surrounding counties were assaulted by three executioners.

Several heinous murders had been committed at Newton Memorial using what was called as ‘Rat Poison,’ an experimental drug for heart failure patients with deadly repercussions. With Dr. Norris’ cooperation with the authorities, one of the executioners was killed, the other incarcerated for life, but the third villain – the mastermind known as Simon Lagrange – is still at large. Having escaped the law, Lagrange is now back and looking for vengeance—with Dr. Norris as his object of enmity.

The mystery plunges as Lagrange sabotages Norris’ credibility as a doctor, taking away many innocent lives without remorse. Co-workers of Norris helplessly fall prey to Lagrange’s sinister plan; nobody can be trusted, everyone can be a suspect. Soon, reality becomes a nightmare when an unexpected assault was made on Dr. Norris’ life, nine-thousand feet above the ground.

It was clear that Lagrange would stop at nothing to get him. Is Dr. Norris ready for the worst when he finds himself Seconds from Revenge? An arresting denouement awaits readers as Eira takes them deep into the story, confounding them with unexpected twists and revelations. 

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Still tells the story of a mass murderer who is dead set to take his revenge on those who have done something wrong with him in the past and his next target is Dr. Amy Sinclair herself. There have been a couple of murders perpetuated by this murderer in Dansville and a whole bunch of people have gone missing recently and some of them are probably dead too.

Ben and the police investigators of Dansville try to catch the killer who made the plan for Amy’s trip and that of her son being poisoned in his soccer game. This psychopath, mass murderer is on a killing spree.  It looks like he injects his victims with some paralyzing chemical, kills them, and then cuts their abdomen open with a scalpel. He obviously has had surgical training of sorts. He may be a surgeon, a veterinarian, a nurse or surgical tech. He knows anatomy and has good surgical skills. He removes the gallbladder, which he then takes with him and he will stop at nothing until he gets his hands on Dr.Amy Sinclair. What could be his motive behind his killings? Does Amy have anything to do with it? Will she still be able to save her son and find an antidote to the poison that is slowly destroying the boy’s body? Will the killer gets caught and be brought to justice?

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