About the Author

Dr. L. Jan Eira, is a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist in Indiana. He has devoted over twenty years to the battle against heart rhythm disorders, most especially those that result in sudden cardiac arrest and death. Besides appropriate medicines, his tools include the implantation of devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators and ablations, issues that are discussed briefly in his first two medical murder mysteries, and in more detail at www.JanEiraBooks.com.

Recently, he discovered his passion for writing medical murder mysteries. He has previously published two murder mysteries, First Do No Harm and its stand-alone sequel, Seconds From Revenge. As a physician, Dr. Eira is constantly presented with unknowns amongst many suspect possibilities, much like a police detective.

The pursuit to discover the truth requires methodic and rational critical thinking, often with insufficient time to do so, whether investigating a murder or the cause of chest pains or unusual heart rhythms, Dr. Eira writes his medical murder mysteries with this premise, resulting in quick-paced stories filled with action and twists. These fictional accounts overlie a background of medical facts, designed to teach the reader about different cardiac conditions with which Dr. Eira deals daily at his day job.