Dr. L. Jan Eira's Book Collection


“What do you want, Lagrange?” responded Jack, fuming.

“Come, come, Jack. What do I want? I want revenge. Payback. I had it all, glory and fame. You saw fit to take it all away. For that, you will pay.”

From First, Do No Harm, Dr. L. Jan Eira catapults readers into the gripping continuance of his medical murder mystery. In Seconds from Revenge, he engages readers with medical hero Dr. Jack Norris, whose life is put in danger once again when an old enemy returns—bent on revenge.

Dr. Amy Sinclair flew in to Danville Ill. to be the guest speaker at Heartland Regional Hospital. She is accompanied by Ben, her husband who is also a police detective in the town of Zionsville and their son Billy who has a soccer game to play. But upon arrival, they found out from Dr. Tim Hughes, Chief of Department of Pathology and Research of Heartland Regional Hospital that the speaker of the said event is Dr.James Dill from Barnes Hospital, a man that was murdered in his hotel room prior to his scheduled speaking engagement. It appears that someone wants Amy to go to the hospital and it seems that the entire thing was not a coincidence but rather, one that was planned all along.

Still is a murder mystery novel that tells the story of a mass murderer who is dead set to take his revenge on those who have done something wrong with him in the past and his next target is Dr. Amy Sinclair herself.